tesa® 75013 low VOC

tesa® 75013 is a tackified acrylic adhesive reinforced with a PET scrim mesh. It has high initial tack and peel adhesion, high conformable design following 3D shapes, and low VOC. Because of the scrim mesh reinforces the flexible substrates, it has improved converting efficiency and handling. It’s suitable for bonding to nonpolar plastics, foams, felts, and fabrics.

Product Safety Data Sheet



  • Mounting of plastics as well LSE plastics with difficult wet-out and/or permanent low load
  • Lamination or mounting of critical, soft, light and smooth surfaces / sheets immediate and secure bending around the edge


  • Backing: none
  • Color: transparent
  • Total Thickness: 5.11 mils
  • Adhesive Type: tackified acrylic
  • Type of Liner: glassine
  • Color of Liner: brown/blue logo
  • Temperature Resistance From: -40 °F
  • Temperature Resistance To: 356