tesa® 4934

tesa® 4934 is a double-sided, general purpose, mounting tape. It has a fabric backing with a synthetic, rubber adhesive that’s thick and tacky.

Product Safety Data Sheet



Mounting on rough, fibrous surfaces (such as laying carpet)


  • Backing: cloth
  • Color: white
  • Total Thickness: 7.87 mils
  • Adhesive Type: synthetic rubber
  • Elongation at Break: 20 %
  • Tensile Strength: 19.98 lbs/in
  • Type of Liner: glassine
  • Color of Liner: Translucent (It doesn’t actually say but it looks clear in the photo)
  • Thickness of Liner:
  • Weight of Liner:
  • Temperature Resistance Short Term:
  • Temperature Resistance Long Term: