3M™ Double Coated Tape 96042 consists of a quick-stick silicone adhesive on both sides of a polyester (PET) backing. This initial bond strength builds over time to most silicones and hard-to-stick-to surfaces, including silicone rubbers and foams. Its temperature performance and solvent-resistant properties make it a durable and resilient option. And it comes on a single PET liner that provides user-friendly stability during application.

Product Safety Data Sheet

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  • Bonding to silicone elastomers and foams
  • Vibration damping
  • High temperature applications


  • Quick-stick adhesion to hard-to-stick-to substrates that strengthens over time
  • Adhesive Material: Silicone
  • Carrier Material: PET
  • Short Term Temperature Resistance: 350°F
  • Chemical Resistant: Yes
  • Liner Color: White
  • Liner Material: PET
  • Thickness: 5 mil