Sometimes the best solutions start with a simple question. Our product experts have been in the business for decades and can help you with your project, no matter what it is. No matter where you're starting from or how much you do or do not know about tape, ask away.


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Are You Attending the Adhesives & Bonding Expo?

We’re getting ready for the Adhesives & Bonding Expo and can’t wait to connect.    Walker Tape Converting will be...

Four Things to Consider When Picking a Tape

Here at Walker Tape Converting, we know a thing or two about tape. For starters, we know that there are...

Let’s Meet 3M™’s WL Transfer Series

It’s no secret that we love 3M™ and their tape. As one of their Preferred Converters, we get the chance...

Uses for Permanent Foam Bonds

With so many tapes out there, it can be hard to decide what you need in a tape. When you...
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Meet Berry Global’s Adchem 650 Tapes

Over the years, we at Walker Tape Converting had the pleasure of working with a number of different tape manufacturers....

What Is Wet-Out and Why Does It Matter?

All specialized fields are full of their own industry lingo. The adhesive industry is no exception. Since we want you...

Creating PillowWeights with Walker Tape Converting and Avery Dennison Performance Tapes

Even the best ideas can use some help getting off the ground. Sam Gipson and Matt Pearson discovered this in...

Using Anti-Slip Tape to Create Safer Walkways

Any workspace in any industry can have slick or treacherous flooring. From manufacturing, to restaurants, to your average office space,...

3M™ Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal transfer is an important process but can be one that’s tricky to manage. Tape is often a go-to choice...